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Freeing up space on your iPhone

For those of us who has smaller capacity iPhones there’s a few things we can do to free up space. Follow our tips below to get some space!

Get the 411

Check your iPhone storage by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. I have a 256 gigabits, hence the massive amount of space I have left. But what if I didn’t have so much space? I can see below that Photos and iMessages take up the most space on my iPhone X. I think that’s because I like to keep old convos so I can go back if I need to and photos.

Old apps, music and podcasts

Do you have apps on your iPhone that you haven’t used in weeks or even months? Well it’s probably time to get rid of those apps today. If there’s a website version that’s mobile friendly stick to that instead. The same goes for old podcasts, music and videos that we all no longer listen too. I mean, yea I like to put on Missy Elliott but not that often!

Expire messages

Since it’s been established that I love to keep messages maybe you like to delete those messages. Well, if you have iOS 8 or later now you can! Go to Settings > Messages. Under Keep Message, select 30 days or 1 year. Here’s what it looks like.

Auto expire audio messages

Another type of message are audio messages. Under the same settings as above under Messages, select to expire read audio messages after 2 minutes.

HDR photos

Other things you can do is only save HDR photos and get rid of those duplicate pictures.l by going to Settings > Photo & Camera. Scroll to the bottom and deselect Keep Normal Photo.

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